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Letting Agent & Landlord Services

Lock King has been looking after letting agents and landlords for many years now and still has many of the same original letting agents and landlords continuing to use the service since Lock King first began.  All of the letting agents like to use Lock King because they can speak directly with the owner and they know that they will always have their tenant or landlord contacted and kept up to date, and that the work will always be completed in a timely manner. With an exceptional customer service record, a timely response and competitive prices, Lock King has remained the letting agents first point of contact for door and window repairs.

And because Lock King specialises in both locksmith and double glazing repairs, it is very common that you may have a both a window and a lock that needs repairing in the same property. Therefore, it makes sense to send Lock King, who can carry out both jobs within one visit.

Lock King is also used frequently for Warrant and Eviction work, a service that is often required by Letting Agents and Landlords.